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The company EBYK was founded in Thessaloniki in 1931 by George Peftitselis, having been produced in various species and especially tinsmither heaters and woodstove oven.

When in late 1950 began to be used for heating oil needs (due to the destruction of much of the Greek forests during the Second World War) EBYK redirected towards the production of oil stoves, serving since most of the Greek market with crude oil heaters, which boast excellent construction and excellent combustion.

The progress the company has been rapid and existing facilities would be impossible to meet growing production needs.

This required the transfer of the plant and in 1965, erected the first factory in the area of Thessaloniki Kordeliou.

The EBYK SA established in 1971.

The further increase in turnover led to the relocation of the new industrial area of Thessaloniki where Anchialos since 1973, is still located. At the same time, EBYK expanded its activities in Enameling.

The superiority of EBYK enabled, alongside its own products, and products epismaltonei also the largest Greek companies engaged in manufacturing devices or objects need enameling.

Since 2006, having as basis the long-term experience and trusted name in its market, decided to operate in the industry marketing white goods, namely hoods. Started cooperation with famous foreign companies with tradition in the field of household appliances. The new activity EBYK follows closely the tradition of quality, which always offers its products.

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